The City of Portland, Maine

11 May

We had a very full day’s walking around the City, waterfront and Old Town area of Portland. On the way down to the seafront, we had a good “nosey” at the houses. Mostly timber and clad with cedar shingles, these were much larger than the quaint Cape Cod homes and more in keeping with what we saw at Camden and Bar Harbor. Many were split into flats over 3 floors.

When we arrived at the main road parallel to the Casco Bay, we came across the pickups and vans belonging to workmen building a new high rise building. One had a Nissan badged NV200 “SV”

It looked very familiar. The City itself reminded me very much of the Albert Dock area of Liverpool although I got a little bit of Glasgow flavour coming through here and there.

Our party lunched at an Asian “fusion” food bar. It was very popular indeed and all seats were taken within

ten minutes of our arrival. Some Vietnamese , Indonesian, Japanese and Chinese dishes on the menu. Very novel to me and most enjoyable. We walked miles and stopped for coffee a few times.

Altogether another pleasant day. although Cities are not my first choice of holiday destination usually.

This beautiful old Ford stepside caught my eye. My broken iPhone somehoe took over a dozen rapid shots due to the screen damage over the camera operating section of the screen.

Like in any City, there were homeless people around and many appeared to have mental health issues. There were less in this large City however than in just one of our six town centres. I am unsure as to what that may indicate and therefore make no further comment.

On our walk “home”, we saw an enormous truck being towed by an even larger tow truck. The driver was very skilled and cleared the intersection very quickly without drama.




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