A travel day. Some shopping and we get real close to bears and a wolf.

10 May

We set off in rain and cold conditions from Bar Harbor for Portland, Maine. Taking a route via Augusta and Brunswick we passed signs for Plymouth and Falmouth. By lunchtime the sun had come out and it was warm enough to sit outside to eat. The service area had a “local” feel to it. A Deli which was really a wonderful little supermarket and liquor store. The usual Burger joint adjacent but a less well known regional brand. Not too busy and an all together pleasant experience. We moved on to Freeport , with it’s discount brand stores. It was really a complete town of shops and malls. Coffe shops and bistros at every turn. Our travelling companions bought some rather upmarket clothes for themselves and for gifts. I found the massive L.L.Bean store (s) most interesting of the lot, with it’s outdoor goods theme. Canoes, kayaks, tents and all things camping. Even discounted the prices seemed high but then I am a bit outdated and out of touch with what can be termed to be a rip off. I did enjoy these though and the coffee from Coffee By Demand was rather good

Our two years old grandaughter found it all most interesting but, so excited, she took forever to get off to sleep that night ! L.L. Bean appears to have been a real life ” J.R.Hartley” or a cros between Ray Mears , Bear Grylls and Jack Hargreaves ! That’s some of his 1950s camping kit above amongst all the stuffed animals.


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