The drive up to Bar Harbor, Mount Desert Island. Acadia National Park. NV200 and an Accident.

8 May

We had left Camden in very wet, cool conditions. With tired baby onboard, suffering with a virus, the journey took longer than we had planned. We went via Belfast, passing several Oceanfront Campsites, through Moose Point, Searsport, Stockton Springs then skirting around Bangor, Maine. We spotted a sign for Fort Knox Observatory and crossed the Union River ( above). Through Trenton , not the one in New Jersey, then on to Bar Harbor and Spindrift Cottage. This was a three storey house in seaside pastels. Just lovely ! We did pass our first sightings of a few , run down , homesteads on the way but these were still interesting in their own right.

Once re-established at Bar Harbor with cases unpacked, we headed for Acadia National Park. We were on a large island, Mount Desert Island. Bar Harbor was on one small peninsula. Acadia National Park is a huge section of mountains covering the central and Northern areas.

Costing just $25 for a car full of people, the Park offers vehicle access even to the top of Cadillac Mountain which is the highest on the US Eastern Ocean shore. We took a driveable “Loop Road” visiting , in sequence, the Acadia Gardens with it’s informative centre on climate change. Then the Sand Beach, a rare item due to the funneling of shells into a large bay above a floor of massive granite boulders. The Ocean current s so strong that these boulders regularly get dragged back out to sea only to be returned in a following storm. Don’t fall in here!

The sun caught me a little here and even I developed a slight beige tanning. Topped up my Vitamin D too I hope !

The sea rushes into an undersea cave and the trapped air produces the Thunder which gives this place it’s name. One person drowned here recently and two were recovered from the sea after 45 minutes, alive.

Our picnic lunch was overseen by this cheerful chappy. Less aggressive than our Cornish gulls, in my opinion, but warning signs do tell of Hitchcock type assaults from the heavens.

We had passed beaver dams and their mid-lake “dens”. The roads were as beautiful as the scenery around them as we headed for Cadillac Mountain.

The summit was glacially smoothed bedrock, windswept and wild. My first battery had flattened here on my backup Nikon digital camera. It took a while to find my spares , by which time a lovely old US van based camper had moved on and I missed the pic.  I had smashed my trusty  iPhone screen on the car park at Sand Beach. Butterfingers…….. That was the accident.

We  had detoured via East Harbor on our way “home”. A full and stimulating day to say the very least.

When we got back , I took some photos of a Chevy badged, NV200. The owners were very pleased with it. Many body panels were different and I believe that it had a 2 litre petrol engine. Rear windows on the ” french” doors were different too from the UK version.

Like us, they are “combi campers” choosing to tow a trailer with their campervan. Their trailer is a trailer-tent of significant size, towed by their VW  camper van. How small is this world ? Great minds think alike. Ha Ha !

These good people did seem OK about me posting on here and I left details of my Blog with them. I can always take the pics down if they are unhappy with my ramblings.

It was warm enough to settle on the front porch in my short sleeves that evening. I had almost dropped off to sleep before I was called in to dinner. A “Hannaford” supermarket cooked chicken with lots of fresh veges. Who would think that a beautiful newsreader of a certain age could cook so well. So far from England too………

PKT2995-204867 ANNA FORD 1978 Anna Ford.anna-ford_recent

She is still beautiful !


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