Camden and the State Park

6 May

We stayed at Abigail’s Inn, a smart B &B just off the main street in Camden. Following a breakfast of “yorkshire pudding” with cranberry jelly, fresh mixed fruit, cream and sausage. We visited the Camden State Park, high above Camden Harbour

The weather was quite chilly. About 8 deg C. It was a long, steep haul up to the summit, past the campsite and trails. From the summit, the views were similar to those above Cannes in the South of France. Other views could have been mistaken for Skye in Scotland.

Later we visited the Lighthouse at the Coast Guard location.

We had a late lunch in Camden and were the last to leave the breakfast and lunch Cafe. We were handed a large box of free pastries and doughnuts to take with us. A warm place even in the late spring chill. We took a walk around town, buying some small momentoes to take home. Here are some scenes to catch the pleasant atmosphere

All the local craftsmen seem to have huge pickup trucks. This one was a tourist vehicle with two people aboard.

    It took up one and half of the enormous parking spaces.

The creek runs right through town. Where it enters the harbour it becomes a torrent.

This a little fleet of mail delivery vans. They are right hand drive so that the driver can post mail into the sidewalk mailboxes straight from his seat. In the past we have seen RHD Willys Jeeps doing this job and maybe some states still use them ?  I know that these are Mail and not Fire Service vehicles but we had just seen our one and only pro-Trump “bumper sticker” on a very smart pickup truck passing through the drive through Dunkin Donuts for a coffee. I associated Trump with Trumpton and it the little vans made me think of ” Hugh, Drew, Barney, McRoo, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grub.”   What IS going on inside my head ?……………………..




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