Whales, Great White Sharks and the US Navy

5 May

We had a warm, sunny day to fill and we had set off from Contuit Bay to The Highland House Museum and Lighthouse. The museum was closed but the Lighthouse was still where it was left after being bodily moved away from a crumbling cliff edge some years ago.

We joined an excited group of other tourists including some Brits and watched a school of around a dozen or so, Right Whales jumping from the Ocean and blowing spray high into the flocks of seabirds whirling around above them. If you zoom in on my pictures you can just make out the whales amongst the white water.

We eventually moved on and headed for Provincetown or “P-Town” as it is known locally. Here we found an exciting Army , Navy Surplus store selling everything possible, including bullet proof and stab vests for £150

I also saw a warning sign for bathers

We walked around this magnificent seaside town, returning down the beach towards the harbour. A huge replica sailing ship had come in whilst we had eaten a seafood lunch over a few beers. The U.S. Navy was in town ! A recently built vessel, privately owned was being used for new Naval recruits to train on. Team building and all that , I expect.We watched some of them climb up the rigging. It required some nerve !

It had been our last day on Cape Cod. My son had got married to his beautiful American soul mate and he and she had been back in England for a few days. We had enjoyed unlimited , exceptionally warm , American hospitality, arriving as guests ,but leaving as friends and relatives. Life at the “Brazee” Condo is just a lovely experience!

The following day, after another filling breakfast, we had travelled quite a distance North up the East Coast of America. Our next destination, Abigail’s Inn, Camden, Maine. The weather cooled significantly, as we had expected with a daytime high of just 8 deg C. The harbour town of Camden was an absolute delight. Strangers spoke to us on the sidewalks and cars stopped to let us cross the road. Our grandaughter was the centre of attention and again, American warmth shone through.


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