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Boscobel House and White Ladies Priory

6 Apr

“Boscobel” sounds as if it should be in Cornwall or Devon. It is not. English Heritage describes it as being near Telford (Shropshire) and Wolverhampton claims it too. It’s actually got a Potteries, Stoke-on-Trent postcode, ST19.

It’s main claim to fame is for sheltering a defeated King Charles II following the battle of Worcester. He did an impressive walkabout including being blocked at the River Severn near Madeley (Telford, Shrops) by Oliver Cromwell’s men. Aged just 21 years , tall and slender, he put his trust in the Royal Sheriffs, if they were called that back then, who put him up and hid him in his hours of need. You can see the priest holes where he hid and a near relation of the ancient Oak Tree where he squirreled himself away (geddit?) with a loyal soldier of his named “Careless”. I would have preferred him to have been named Pike as that would have had warlike associations back then rather than Dad’s Army links , as in the present. King Charles II escaped the troops below, perhaps due to a gloomy rainy day.

This is White Ladies Priory, close to Boscobel House. The King also went there on his escape journey. A 12th Century Priory occupied by Nuns, White Ladies. We made the decent walk from Boscobel as parking is very limited at the Priory. There was not a breath of wind and it was quiet as the grave apart from delightful birdsong and a tractor preparing a huge field across the landscape. When Henry VIII wrecked the Monasteries etc ., it became a private dwelling for a while. Pity it became so derelict.

Like many of these ancient ruins, it’s widely claimed to be haunted. There are lots of swirling , smokey images on the web and YouTube but nothing that jumped out on me for posting on here………………. Ha Ha !


A clean bill of health for my “little pet”

3 Apr

I had booked my MOT and Short Service on-line and received my confirmation on Sunday evening. ” You must drop off your vehicle at 8.30am Monday as we may need it all day” said the message. So, this morning , I did as requested. Then I was told that the MOT booking was for 3 pm and the campervan would not be ready until 4 pm earliest. OK…………. so the service centre does things to suit them, not you. ” Didn’t they tell you?”. No they did not. Never mind, I had lots to do today. A decent walk back into town and the bus home for starters. Then, fitting my long awaited solid fuel oven. Which is what I did.

A very pleasant young lady did most of the work on the campervan and she was still finishing the job when I returned at the promised hour. It was good news, ” Absolutely everything in order. Nothing wrong found at all.”

In the chit chat as I signed off the work, she did say that she did not like Renault engines. Period. This surprised me as ours has been perfectly fine up to now. It’s never red lined or thrashed. You don’t need to. Just ride the torque curve and use those well spaced six gears. Keep the particulate trap clean with a regular extra urban higher speed pottle and all should be well?

Hoping that we are now set up for the coming Summer expeditions. Fresh oil and all checked out. Let’s Go !

( Oh, I did Google my own Blog to reset the maintenance indicators on the Dash.)