Coming soon. Tales from the USA. Another petrol auto and much more.

30 Apr

Still collating all the photos and stories but here is a taster of what has been going on.

This Dodge Grand Caravan SXT has been home , day to day on the roads of Eastern USA. A 7 seater with 3.6 litre petrol V6 engine offering 283 bhp and huge comfort. Filling the petrol tank costs around $40 for about 17 US gallons of ethanol laced petrol (10%). I wonder if we could distil the Ethanol out?

Here’s a taster of where we have been.

Do you like seafood ? I do and it’s to be found here in plenty. The Liquor stores are something beyond logical thought. With the exchange rate out of kilter by about 40% (my estimation………) it’s expensive. Gulp ! but a truly lovely area to visit. All meals are twice what is needed even for the larger appetite. Greedy pigs queue here !

A lot like parts of Cornwall with hints of Newborough Warren (Anglesey) . We stayed at one Condo which had a view outback just like a river scene of Truro , England. There is a Truro on Cape Cod too. And a Falmouth and a Chatham and a Barnstaple. Plymouth looks nice……… which one? Folk seem very warm and friendly. What’s not to like?

Only one little complaint and that’s probably down to the state of my bony bottom. I once spent over 14 hours in the saddle of my faithful old Yamaha FZ750 and I got off that machine without an ache at all. The same could not be said after just 6 hours or so on the flight over to Boston. That’s Boston, USA., by the way, not Boston UK…….

In the words of that famous old TV Soap series….. “Soap”. Confused ????   You will be.

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