A Niche no more ? Sussex Campervan’s Petrol, Auto NV200.

22 Apr

The advantages of a compact Nissan NV200 campervan are well documented on this Blog. I recently publicised the Petrol , Automatic version of the Sussex Campervan PT Camper Car. Their M.D. , Daniel has now produced a video with  some interesting background details. Best seen in it’s context here:


For anyone with concerns about the Government drive against Diesel, it is a MUST SEE.  For petrol and/or Auto transmission lovers, such as myself, there is little choice out there. I think it is a winning combination for what I believe will become a growing niche. Growing Niches fast become Non-Niche !!!!!

It’s not that I don’t love the characteristics of modern diesels. The latest Euro VI versions are said to be particularly user friendly. Super torque curves, relaxed driving style and economy, directly as a result of the inherent efficiency of the Diesel Cycle. They are a very efficient way of using imported fuel. Government be aware! It’s not just about pollution. (see Danel’s video on Euro VI below in previous post)

Now for another Niche and adding to an exciting combo of Petrol /Auto. Some time ago, we needed an economic little workhorse for our property business. I found a 1400cc petrol Ford Fusion which was already converted to also run on LPG. I bought it. It was a very succesful move. A double whammy of small engine using very cheap LPG. We hardly paid out any money for fuel !!!! Oh, by the way, it had the Ford semi-automatic transmission too. It was a delight to drive. In town, shipping around house maintenance equipment and materials it was so relaxing , especially in City congestion.

I just hope that the converter, based in Worcester, is still in business. It was hs own car, converted as a challenge. You know what’s coming don’t you. I wonder if he would convert a Camper Car PT? Conversions now seem to be termed Bi-Fuel. There is no tax concession but they are very reliable devices. From experience with the Ford Fusion and with our old factory converted, LPG Minnie Winnie “Gin Palace”, availability of LPG is NOT a problem. We never ran out of gas.

We are not currently in a position to dash out and swap our beloved Drivelodge conversion for a Camper Car PT., having just made another business aquisition to keep Chateau Dinkum running! But it’s logged away for when we can. Now wondering about reduced (?) towing capacity of an auto NV200 and whether we could cope with our current Elddis Xplore caravan. Exciting times……….

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