Antiques Hunting in North Wales.

20 Apr

One of our favourite trips is to North Wales and the borders. Wrexham has Bryn y Grog and Acorn Antiques plus it’s not far to Oswestry and Cambrian Antiques. Antiques Emporium seem to be the coldest places on Earth but to heat such vast warehouses would defy economic sense. Therefore, scarf, gloves and an “Uncle Joe” mint or two are advisable.

I always have a smile to myself when we visit Acorn Antiques. It used to be a short series of comedy shows, gently ribbing Crossroads, itself a tea time TV series with questionable acting, continuity control and low budget (and I believe, LIVE performances) to contend with.

The real Acorn Antiques has some serious , interesting items in stock. An excellent cafe with simple but tasty fare. Friendly staff and helpful Unit holders. It makes for a relaxing, quiet day out in the camper van.

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