Not a good topic for Easter Weekend. Are you ready if we get Nuked?

15 Apr

MORETON CORBET CASTLE Aerial view of the medieval castle and Tudor manor house.

With Mr Trump and North Korea at odds, plus Japan concerned about Sarin attacks from N.Korea, things are hotting up. We are not yet at Cuban Crisis levels but if we return to the threats around the time of 1962 are you ready for it? Would your campervan come in handy? Once your house looks like a smaller version of the above, watcha gonna do?


For some light hearted practical advice see

You may have one of these, particularly if you are a “trailer” using a caravan.You are going to need plenty of water. A porta potti and a waste carrier may be useful too if you are lucky enough to have a cellar to shelter in. I won’t go into why you may need lots of bin bags and sticky tape.

If you don’t have a cellar, would you make a run for it in your campervan to “safer” places of refuge? How about the wilds of Scotland? A remote part of Wales maybe? Remember , if we got hit badly, the jails would empty and the “unprepared” would be on the rampage once the supermarkets were looted and empty.

Stealth , wild campervan users will already know some good spots where you can be low profile. Best avoid the cities. Is your fuel tank full? Food onboard and an axe and saw stashed away for log fires? How desperate would you need to be before you nick next doors 4 x 4 ?

A frightening thought is it not? Let us hope that humanity wins out and peace is maintained. Hope this tongue in cheek “horror” posting isn’t taken too seriously.

Here’s my next campervan. One more diesel won’t make much difference.

my next campervan

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