Rip Off. Garage Servicing Going Downhill.

12 Apr

A couple of postings ago, I wrote about my ” Service” provider only topping up the oil level to midway, or even lower, as indicated on the dipstick.

Yesterday, without any prompting, a very close friend revealed that recently he had to get the Turbo on his 48,000 mile Land Rover 2.4 Defender replaced. The bearing surfaces had been worn away in a massive fashion.

The car had been serviced regularly, on the dot , from brand new by the Land Rover main agent. This is a very well known, Nationwide, Land Rover dealers. They have  huge hourly labour charges and all parts are full retail price.

My friend, who is not mechanically minded, had noticed that when he picked up the vehicle, following servicing, it was repeatedly returned to him with the oil level just above the lowest indicator on the dipstick. He questioned this and was told that this was OK and “standard practice” at the dealership. At 48,000 miles the dealership diagnosed, a “shot” Turbo and quoted a huge sum to renew it. In fairness, my friend failed to top up the oil himself but the engine used no oil and ran at that level between services. A big failing, in my view. The low oil level was not reported when the sump was drained. Surely, a good, HONEST,  mechanic would pick that up and educate the owner???

Another friend recommended an unofficial Land Rover specialist. They quoted a much lower repair cost and all was completed , in order. The specialist returned the vehicle topped up to the maximum indicated level.

They pointed out that the engine had been used for 48,000 miles with a shortfall of around 3 pints of oil in the sump. They also suggested that the Turbo failure was  probably as a direct result of this.

I cannot state here that this was the case, but I do have my own views. How widespread is this practice ?Be warned!

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