A Local visit to Venetian Marina, Nantwich

21 Mar

With the sun shining brightly, despite the chill wind, we set off for Peckforton Castle this morning. As we passed through Nantwich , heading up the A51 towards Tarporley, we spotted signs for Venetian Marina. As we were intending just to go for a walk, we diverted the 3 miles off the A51 and went there instead.

It was a good move. We parked our clean and freshly waxed Kampa on the marina car park and left it gleaming in the sunshine as we made for the marina cafe. I looked for my phone to take some photos but it had been left at home. Ditto my wife’s phone ! So only web photos to show for our day out.

The cafe was warm, clean and welcoming. The enticing smell of all day Cheshire breakfast was just too much and we ordered bacon and egg baps. Decaff coffee? No worries, and we took our seats. Complimentary newspapers were available but I was torn between a test yourself for dementia quiz in  The Daily Mail or just gazing at the large wall mounted collages of classic British motorbikes, old cars and vans, vintage canal scenes and other evocative images. With other diners quietly chatting, joking and laughing,a small child peering at his dog tied to a bench outside and concerned at letting the heat out by opening the door (how polite is that?) the atmosphere for an impromtu brunch was perfect. As an aside, is reading The Daily Mail the first sign of deteriorating mental state?

We paid, left a good tip because it was worth it and went for a walk.

Crossing the quiet road, then over the bridge past the lock, we headed into the strong wind and set off along the canal towards the A51. We carried on until we reached a marshy section of canal path, turned around and feeling much warmer , returned to the marina aided by the tail wind which definitely quickened the pace.

A lovely place to stop if you are cruising the A51. Another local place to walk.

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