The Micro-Sleeper NV200 Pop Top from Seaton Delaval , N.E. England

18 Mar

Here is another find from Martin.Thanks mate ! Advertised via Gumtree as an alternative to low spec ., overpriced VWs (their words not mine but I understand where they are coming from).


There is more information from the maker (?) and Dealers , Caravan Source, but the best photos seem to be on the Gumtree advert above.

Caravan Source

Prices start at just under £27,000   with options adding to this. They have a finance “offer” of £7k deposit and £400 per month to purchase. According to research, most folk can raise about £6k or so , making this an affordable new camper van. Plus it has a roof bed suitable for children, which we don’t have. Please add comments below. Rear hinged pop top gives maximum headroom for the work surfaces, sink and hob. In high winds, I prefer our front hinged pop top and park nose into the wind for least turbulence, but that’s a bit picky.

For comparison, our Nevada from Drivelodge  at a very high spec., with blown air heating, alloys and tyres, swivel cab seats, air bag safety package and so on, was about £2,500 less than this, but that was over 3 years ago and involved a lot of self sourcing of refillable gas tank etc . Nissan were doing a discount on base vehicles at the time. It’s well documented if you scroll down through the archives.

Overall, it looks like a very competively priced bit of kit.Got to be worth a close look !

4 Responses to “The Micro-Sleeper NV200 Pop Top from Seaton Delaval , N.E. England”

  1. Ian March 19, 2017 at 4:25 pm #

    “For £23,000 we can also convert a 3yr old vehicle to reduce the cost”
    I find this price just to convert a van rather high ! or is it just Me ?

    • Dinkum March 19, 2017 at 8:34 pm #

      Currently, you can get a 2 berth conversion done for under £8k. (for example Clearcut, of Barnstaple on VW). It really depends on the specification of the work done. Pop top? or leave the roof as is. Leather or fabric covers? Swivel seats.Gas blown air Heating and /or hot water adds a lot to the cost, as does refillable gas tank or diesel heating. You really do need to shop around with a firm idea of what you need in the finished product.Loads of self converters have written in to the Blog but some skills are needed. A self conversion is the cheapest way to go, or just get a pop top fitted and do the rest yourself.

      • Ian March 20, 2017 at 8:26 pm #

        Hi there, thank you for your reply, yes I can see what you’re saying the more you pay the more you get,
        I have owned a few camper vans over the years, from Bedford CA to CF’s to my old faithful Ford Thames
        and of course many type 2 Volkswagens, I also spent several years pottering about in my super snail
        (Bedford Bambi) such a tiny vehicle with tardis -like internals, it was just a shame about the tiny engine!
        Which unfortunately decided to blow its cylinder head gasket on the return run from Blackpool,
        I saw the Nissan NV200 camper van at the NEC a few years ago beening presented by two chaps
        from Scotland! I think it was around £29,000 but unfortunately I could never get any replies from
        numerous email attempts? The wife had her heart set on but I think I must of put her off? As she doesn’t pester me
        any more! Never mind you never know what Santa might bring?

  2. Dinkum March 21, 2017 at 8:56 am #

    Ian, it sounds as if you have had a long heritage of solid campervan experience. Welome to the Blog ! I will email you seperately and hopefully, if you have any pictures of those classics and a few words about them, I would love to feature them on this Blog.
    I can honestly recommend the NV200 from my own experience. Ours has been 100% reliable, cheap as is possible on fuel and easy to handle, park and use day to day. The Scottish guys were possibly from East Neuk Campervans. see their Nissan Cub by clicking this link

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