New Horizons for us to reach

14 Mar

About a decade ago, when we owned our Fiat Ducato Trigano Tribute , we joined CADW ( pron Kadoo) or Welsh Heritage. It is a lot like the National Trust and currently costs about £61 p.a  or so for a couple at the same address.

Cadw means to keep/protect in Welsh. Very shortly after we joined, we were hit with family bereavements and we hardly used our membership. I have been searching around for places to visit in the campervan from around May onwards. We are close to the Welsh borders and could easily use the campervan for the odd overnighter or two.

This fantastic aerial photo is from the experts themselves! Click on it and expand to see who they are.

This is just one of the properties in the care of Cadw. Castell Coch near Cardiff. There are more than 100 locations to visit all over the wonderful land of Wales. From simple stone crosses, through burial chambers, religeous wells , industrial buildings to great Castles.

penrhyn castle “North” Wales is really easy for us ,either via the A55 coast road or through Llangollen and then the A5. Mid-Wales is a little less accessible but still fine for a couple of easy days away. South Wales and “little England” of West Wales and St.Davids would be a couple of night’s camping but who can resist Tenby. There does appear to be “clusters” of locations having 3 or more places of interest within a 10 miles radius, which makes things easier. I still have a beautifully designed and illustrated ring binder book of  Welsh Castles from Cadw which they sent me from obsolete stocks which used to be left in Welsh Hotels and  B&Bs  to create interest and publicity. You are spoiled for choice. Can we fit all this in with the desired run on the Scottish NC500 and the annual pilgrimage to the West Country? Anglesey has plenty of Cadw sites of it’s own and could be done alongside Caenarfon Castle plus other places of interest.

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One Response to “New Horizons for us to reach”

  1. neilirving March 17, 2017 at 8:07 am #

    You could dissappear into Wales for weeks on end and not see it all, if you are in Llangollen the little motor museum is worth a visit, my dad has a couple of cars on display there, and Tenby what a lovely place, we had a lot of our childhood holidays there 🙂

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