A weird sheep salt lick. (What?) and a decent walk for Spring.

9 Mar

With the weather so dry and warm today, we headed for the National Trust owned, Carding Mill Valley near to Church Stretton. It is a series of footpaths, byeways and tracks through the hills around including the Long Mynd. As soon as we got there, we wished that we had visited before. As we parked just inside th entrance to the first car park we were surprised to see sheep gathered around a road weary Toyota car. They were all licking the front bumper and I assume it was for the salt from the recent frost prevention spreading?

I first read about “Salt Licks” for animals in a school book called “Old Yeller”. Wild animals gathering around exposed outcrops of mineral bearing rocks to get the vital bits and bobs needed for their diet. Sheep definitely get issued with mineral (salt) licks.

     It’s the first time that I have seen sheep licking cars but then I don’t spend much time around sheep. Partially for fear of getting a nasty nickname but that’s a joke too far for this family Blog!

Carding Mill Valley is well worth visiting if you like walking and/or you enjoy a picnic in the open air. The upper car park can be reached if you just keep on going up the cul de sac. Through the ford and you can reach dizzy heights without breaking sweat. It’s like a cross between Bourdon on The Water and Dovedale.

You can choose from “Easy” through ” Moderate” to ” K2 Mountaineering Standard”  difficulty rating. (I made the last bit up………. it’s rated “Challenging” in my book)

We chose a 3 mile round trip up to the Lightspout Waterfall. Walk 2, a moderate rated walk. The higher you climb the more challenging it becomes.

  This is the waterfall. It’s a decent walk and you need good shoes with lots of grip. There is some scrambling over bedrock but it’s not muddy compared to many other locations. It can be tricky to cross the stream, which we did 3 times but we did not get soaked. Waterproof rambling shoes would be better.

recommended !  see     https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/carding-mill-valley-and-the-long-mynd


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