A shopping trip, a bit of history and disappointment.

8 Mar

Having arranged for three different craftsmen to take some hassle from my lazy back, today we had a shopping trip in the campervan to Market Drayton. I am pretty sure that it would be able to find it’s own way there if we could program “Wednesday” into it’s electronic centre.

After a big discussion about our health restoring lifestyle changing diet, we decided that we could cope with a carvery, so long as we focussed on the vegetable and ignored the best bits, including roast spuds and yorkshire pudding. Not to mention the gravy…………. We poked our heads around the ancient door of the Clive and Coffyn to be met with a huge crowd queuing for hot food and all the tables already taken. I regret promoting this lunchtime destination as we seem to have done ourselves out of our easy, walk in lunching. (Not really, as the landlord has done a great job drawing people in from the street market which is actually a couple of streets away.)

I don’t cope well with crowds, so we did a bit more shopping. I went for a look at St Mary’s Church ( seen at night above) where Robert Clive (Clive of India) is said to have caused mayhem by climbing the tower and perching, bird-like on a gargoyle.

audlem view towards whitchurch

His view would have been something like this, although this is from the roof of the Church at Audlem. It would have taken a lot of bottle to perch on that Gargoyle!

He is said to have suffered from manic depression , now called Bi-polar syndrome. But he was also a protection racketeer as a youth. Ultimately sent to India at 17 or 18, he found his true vocation as a soldier. Just a thought, is not coping well with crowds a symptom of manic depression?  It’s not a joke. Clive tried to shoot himself twice but the pistol failed to go off both times. he decided that this was a sign to keep calm and live. So he did!

        He even had a movie made about him. I stood for ages looking around the Church yard whilst my other half perused , what else?, textiles, threads and all things crafty………. I was still dreaming of the black hole of Calcutta when she eventually found me and awoke me from my trance. You can read more about Clive here:


Next job is a quick spring clean of our camping combo ( caravan and campervan) and shoot off for a couple of days whilst we have a gap in our schedule. Everyone keeps saying that they thought that I was retired……..


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