Officially Springtime. Why is the Campervan collecting Goose droppings?

6 Mar

This quote is from American author Iris Johansen. With Spring now officially with us and the imminent trips with campervan and caravan rapidly becoming reality, I have to totally agree with what she states. Remember how you felt as a child on Christmas Eve? Waiting for Santa.

Well, that’s how I feel right now. Recently had one of those periods when things get a bit too hectic for comfort. A little too expensive. Not enough time to actually do what your heart really wants you to do. Don’t get me wrong, those jobs eating into  our desired leisure time,( Camping, cycling, walking, sight seeing , pub dinners and DVD’s in the Caravan.) all needed doing. What I call ” Big little jobs”. They look small but eat into your time much more than you thought. You know: Tiling a disrupted kitchen corner after the fitting of a replacement combi-boiler. Sawing up an old timber fire escape and paying out for the new metal jobby. (Not going to throw away all that firewood, am I ?). Fitting your first ever DIY log burning “mini- AGA” and waiting for Building Control approval from the “Borough” after being let down by the HETAS fitter……… and it goes on and on!

      This is where we want to be. It does not really matter whether it’s The Lakes, Cornwall, Anglesey or Scotland. It’s just being out and about enjoying something new. That’s what camping is all about. The whole thing. I even enjoy the anticipation of it all ! Checking the diary right now………..


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