A Spring ? walk at Erddig and changes for Loch Lomond and the Trossachs

27 Feb


There is a route at the National Trust property near Wrexham , Erddig , called the Wild Pig Walk. Some time ago some witty person put up this sign there to add spice to your country stroll. Sadly there are no wild boar at Erddig.

I say sadly but to be honest I am somewhat relieved. I once went for a 12 mile trek around a fairly remote National Park in Northern New York State called Mohonk. At the visitor centre and car parks there were signs warning of Black bears. Worryingly large but beautiful creatures they can still tear you limb from limb. I spent the entire trek “watching the shadows” and worried that I may not be able to outrun everyone in our party………….

Today we enjoyed a dry, calm country walk at Erddig. We saw definite signs of hawthorne budding and spring lambs in the surrounding fields. “Ours” had a number 8 sprayed on them in a rather becoming shade of blue. The wildest thing we spotted was a slightly aroused “cup and saucer” water feature , disappearing into it’s man made sink hole.


We did not come across much litter, although I recall a doggy poo bag hanging from the railings below the main building. ( Who are these people that do this stuff????) plus an empty beer can nearby. Apparently, litter has been a bit of an issue elsewhere though.

The good people of Luss, at Loch Lomond have been up in arms for quite some time about litter left behind by wild campers. Obvious traces of campfires and anti-social, drunken behaviour. After several years consultation, new bye laws have been approved restricting camping in relatively small areas around Loch Lomond and other Lochs in the Trossachs. Martin sent this:


Here’s some photo “evidence” of some of what has been going on


As a result of this type of behaviour, you may need a camping permit (if you can make sense of the confusing new restrictions) and/or pay a fee at your choice of campsite of between £3 and £6 per night. One report says that is per person.

The proposed signs for the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs camping control areas

The proposed signs for the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs camping control areas

As is often the case, everyone has to pay the price for  a minority of troublemakers. Why existing Laws could not have been used to stem the problems is a big question gone unanswered and just how the local police and park authorities will “police” the situation in the future remains to be seen. Perhaps squirrel cam could be part of it?


No , that idea is full of nuts………

Anyone remember the old TV Advert for Topic Chocolate Bar? “What has a hazlenut in every bite?” We used to answer ” Squirrel Poo !!!!”

One thing’s for certain. Even a little extra camping tariff will not spoil my enjoyment of Loch Lomond and Scotland. Don’t be put off. It will not prevent our intended trip , for the NC500.

You cannot go around lighting fires, ripping down trees for fuel and leaving huge piles of litter behind. That’s not camping as I know it.

For more background on the problems this article explored the issues BEFORE the Bye Laws came into being  see


which I think gives a little more insight into what’s been going on.

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