Petrol Engined Motorhome or Campervan anyone?

26 Feb


Recent recommendations  from the current Transport Secretary NOT to buy a diesel engined vehicle could play havoc with the Motorhome and Campervan market.

How much real damage these comments have done is hard to judge presently, but it is bound to have some effect on the value of your current diesel? We have always intended keeping our Campervan for a long time, so the impact should not be immediate. Maybe a “local” effect in London and the other pollution hit cities will only rub off there? I did hear this week of some Londoners already swapping from Diesel to petrol or hybrids but that COSTS. Is it green to disregard existing vehicles and build new ones to replace them?

Will we see “Plague Style” scrap collectors roaming the streets asking us to bring out our “unwanted”, “dead” diesels?

How many would then be shipped to third world countries as bargain long life resurrected transport? Which just moves the problem elsewhere.

Please prove me wrong by commenting below but choice of petrol engined motor homes is particularly limited. There are a large range of older vehicles . including VW., who disgraced themselves recently with their false claims for fuel economy on their diesels, but many are long in the tooth and would not warrant the maintainence and repair costs. Their may be some Gems to search for though, if you are serious about swapping to petrol. Don’t forget the LPG option to reduce your fuel costs for high mileage users. Here’s one senior citizen as an example:


This old girl from the ’70s has a petrol engine. Dodge 6.2 litres V8. Many had factory fitted, simple LPG conversion through a carburettor. Remember them? A 24 ft Minnie Winnie RV ,you could expect 14 mpg on petrol. Bigger RVs with 7 litre plus petrol engines run at about 10mpg.  No discernible loss of power on LPG. LPG is currently still only about 58 per litre  in the UK  if you shop around.

Realistically much too old. The same goes for the old 2 litre Petrol Talbot motorhomes. They gave 24 mpg religeously.

Is the UK market in Motorhomes big enough for Fiat or perhaps Peugeot to offer petrol versions? After all, the pollution levels action points come from EU directives, so the whole of europe is affected by this move from diesel to petrol?

We should reemember that under the Laws of Physics, the Diesel engine cycle is much much more efficient than petrol? How do we measure “Green”?

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