Whittington Castle near Oswestry. Welsh or English?

24 Feb


We frequently visit Oswestry, (in Welsh: Croesoswallt ) officially in Shropshire, England. Today was no exception and we again trawled Cambrian Antiques to satisfy our collecting “bug” ( or possibly virus!).

We came away with a bargain “Mandolin” shaped Greek Bottle for our little cellar bar. Rather like this one but ours has a glass stopper shaped like a string tensioner. Think it dates from 1969.


We also found a French advertisement for some music called “The City Rat and the Field Rat” for the wall of the cellar steps.The cellar bar has a French theme.


It reminded me of a children’s book  that I am writing for my grandaughter about a French Rat, who happens to be a Cheese Thief. Coming soon…….. Keep watching this Blog.  I digress……

On our way home we usually pass through the town of Whittington. Today we stopped at the ruined Castle there. We have taken it for granted for too long a time but it was a delight . We got a nice decaff coffee and cake in the modern, clean cafe.The ladies serving today were very knowlegeable about the castle’s history.


Click on the picture above. Is that a Ghostly image captured in the upstairs window? Zoom in and view the larger window  circled in red. You can make out a youthful , female,laughing face, tilted back slightly. She appears to be wearing a pale head wrap.If it is a ghost then it must have a huge head………Or reflection of the clouds? Will we ever know? My wife says that she can see a second face on the left. Another female in similar head wrap but wearing a crown . I think that the crown maybe part of the window. Will take a closer look at our next visit.


Known chiefly for being the home of several men all known as Fulk Fitzwarin, it is maintained by locals and charitable donation. The location is truly lovely. One of the Fulks ( now now, don’t even go there ! It means “people”or “chieftain”  in old German) took on the King and fell into disgrace. Well you would wouldn’t you………….

The Castle has been attacked by the Welsh Princes. One named Owain. Think that he came from Castel Powys? Must read that book on Welsh history.


It was bright but very cold, so I left the gas heating on in the camper van whilst we had a look around. Click on the pics for zoom in and more detail.


People have lived on the site since pre-historic times. It has been part of Salop (now Shropshire, England) and previously, for a while, Wales. Oswestry, the third largest market town in Shropshire has been bi-lingual and many locals consider themselves to be Welsh, not English. Some farms can legally sell both Welsh and English lamb, having fields in both countries. Our road home crosses from England, through Wales and then back to England.



see http://www.whittingtoncastle.co.uk/

and for a period video    http://www.shropshirestar.com/news/2015/05/13/watch-43-years-on-should-oswestry-be-in-england-or-wales/


There’s lots more to read about the history and legends of this evocative place. One of the Barons drowned in the River Ouse following a the Battle of Lewes in 1264.

The Castle fell into disrepair in Tudor times. It is said that Thomas Telford stole a lot of stone for the making of the A5 route from London to Holyhead. One of my favourite roads through North Wales.

Tales of ghostly Civil War visitations, wandering ghost of a blacksmith and children seen at upstairs windows. (Did I photograph one today????)

The only kids we saw were riding bikes despite the signs banning this activity. But it was not busy, they were doing no harm and who could resist those tempting timbered ramps and walkways? Recommended.

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