Fancy a self converted Bus with a Difference?

24 Feb


This is a 6.6 litre , 230 hp  CAT Diesel engine. I believe that this is what was fitted to a 1995 GMC Bluebird American School Bus. It also has a (Detroit Diesel) Allison auto transmission. It’s a lot of kit. I know because in the late 1980s I used to sell and fit specialist filter kits for these engines and transmissions in off-road, quarry and mining vehicles in the UK.

At the time, I was in between “career” jobs and to fill in , I got interviewed at a big dealership near Ashton-in-Makerfield. I had lost my company car, so I arrived for the interview in our Dodge Winniebago. It caused quite a stir but I got the job. A few months contract with a Ford Escort car thrown in. I loved the job. It filled quite a gap.

What the hell has this got to do with self conversions? Well, I recently got notified that Shawn and Dave, in the USA were following this Blog. I had a look at their Blog and they had bought their dream US School Bus and had started work on it! Very pleasant to be reminded of these lovely , muscular bits of heavy engineering. It has a 60 gallon fuel tank for example. OK, I know US gallons are smaller but it will still hurt your wallet to fill that void !!!!!!!!


It looks something like this. Or it did before they ripped out the ceiling, installed insulation and started rebuilding with tongue and groove timber (or lumber as they say). They also cut out all the seats with a grinder. It’s a big project and should prove very interesting to say the least. It will be their new home ultimately. I cannot wait to see what design they come up with.

To see what they are up to see

To view their website, click on, say ,”our Adventure” then scroll down and the text will appear.

( I have posted twice today, so please scroll down for a visit report and a Ghostly image captured on camera?)

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