The “King is Dead”. Long live the King!

22 Feb


Got a letter from the Caravan Club this morning but only just opened it. Quite a surprise. It contained two window stickers stating “Caravan and Motorhome Club.”  For a moment , I was puzzled. Then it dawned on me that they have changed their name. Read all about it here:

Some 40 odd percent of members use motorhomes. We certainly have in the past. Three decades ago we used a Minnie Winnie, US RV., when members of the Caravan Club. Before that, as members we had used a couple of different caravans including a Sprite Musketteer.

We now use our Drivelodge NV200 camper van AND an Elddis 302 SE Explorer caravan.

It will be interesting to see members’ reactions to this closely guarded (?) secret suddenly made public.

leaving battlesprite family caravanleaving carnon downs

motorhome racingA Minnie Winnie “Lookalike”.

newborough forest          Talbot Excalibur coachbuilt.(We were trying to keep “Ma” fit with cycling at Newborough Warren. RIP mom xx)

In October 1975 my wife and I honeymooned at the Caravan Club site adjacent to Tewkesbury. It snowed and we were given a secluded , well hedged pitch by the warden. We used my parents’ ACE caravan which had the door on the continental side. I think that it was bought from what would become Don Amott , from Eggington Junction, Derbys.


Oh those were the days. Skint but happy as Larry !

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