An unplanned trip to Liverpool. Where’s me shirt ? I am a shirt short………..

16 Feb


Following advice on what I shall be wearing at an upcoming Wedding, I needed to get properly measured for a decent shirt (or dozen.)  We headed for  T.M. Lewin at The Metquarter, Liverpool One. Although we have a number of relatives living in Liverpool, it’s an area that we have rarely visited. We took a different route from usual, heading North from Chester, up through the Wirral and used the tunnel to get into the city centre. A nicer route than the usual M6 and M56 or M62.

Following the signs for Queen Square car park, we almost immediately went wrong, taking a sign left into the very full, Museum car park. Did a “Huey” and quickly found the multistorey car park. I had double checked our height, 1.93 metres including the pop top, so the 2 metre warning limit did not deter me. Ho Hum…………….


A short distance from the warning barrier, the roof seemed extremely low indeed. So I proceeded at a crawl. Our centrally mounted roof aerial flexed down as it does in these places and we carried on.

Feeling rather like an Antique electrically powered Fairground Dodgem car, we proceeded slowly


With a “waffle” concrete roof, the aerial rattled on and off all the way to floor 3a where we found a generous spot and we parked up. Make sure we have the barrier ticket to pre-pay before leaving! and we left for the shops. I had another Harry Worth, Mr Pastry or Mr Bean moment and we walked up towards Lime Street Railway Station having exited via the Marriot Hotel entrance of the car park. Signs for pedestrians were very poor.

We did a walking tour around the area before being directed towards The Metquarter. We did a full circle and outside the entrance to the car park once more, we were actually in Whitechapel, our destination. We then swiftly found TM Lewins where we had superb, knowledgeable advice and service like the old days of Gentlemens’ Outfitters. For the elders amongst us, like Dunn & Co., used to give for example.

Back at the car park, we searched for the Pay Before You leave machines. None to seen and no signs anywhere.

Another user told us to pay on exit . Before we could reverse , I had to unscrew the aerial to avoid trapping it in the “waffles” in the roof and off we went. The car park has something called “Q” Park system


Again, no signs explaining one’s options, until we get to the exit barrier. No amount of ticket fiddling, inserting debit card or what have you allowed us to pay. Hazards on and irate people behind having to use the second exit barrier (at our exit. There were others too). Eventually I got advice from the machine speaker to Pre-Pay before leaving in the Lobby. No advice on where the Lobby was until I got annoyed. Floor Zero, says the voice. No signs for floor zero but I glimpsed the machines through a gap in the concrete walls and a glass panel.

We paid and escaped into the City Traffic, roof intact and aerial safely stowed out of harms way. For Quality in Parking, I would suggest putting in some extra signage. For a first time visitor this car park not user friendly at all. Avoid.


3 Responses to “An unplanned trip to Liverpool. Where’s me shirt ? I am a shirt short………..”

  1. neilirving February 16, 2017 at 10:15 pm #

    Next time you go to Liverpool lol you could park at our house and get the bus over to Liverpool, it’s very civilised and only costs £4.80 each which is probably cheaper than parking and takes less time than getting out of that carpark 😉

    • Dinkum February 16, 2017 at 10:30 pm #

      Hi Neil, you are obviously a lovely person ! I was seriously worried that I could damage our pride and joy in that car park. Anxiety levels high. Signage just non existing. Love Liverpool and it’s people ! The Wirral was beautiful in the sunlight today too ! Dinkum

      • neilirving February 16, 2017 at 10:37 pm #

        Liverpool is a great city lol hate driving there lol the roads are always changing priority, the Wirral is a wonderful place to live and has a little bit of everything 🙂

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