Mostyn, Flint and North Wales

13 Feb


The weather was bright and clear blue skies all around this morning, so we set off for the North Wales coast road and Abakhan Textiles at Mostyn, not far from Flint. We arrived at lunchtime and most of the shoppers were in the cafe so we joined them for a rather expensive lunch. I got quickly bored with fabrics and textiles and left my wife to shop and went outside for a nosy round. I quickly came across a couple of motorbikes. One, a Honda Goldwing and the other something quite special indeed. A trike, with two front wheels. At first, I thought that it was a customised Gold Wing but a closer look and a chat with the Lady owner proved otherwise.


Before the owner arrived to catch me taking pics of her pride and joy, I noticed the belt drive , the very comfy looking seats with back rests and the obviously high specification. Before I had chance to actually read the little poster on the inside of the windscreen, I got a verbal explanation from the Lady pictured on the poster itself. Her husband had just left on the black Honda Gold Wing.

They had been all over Europe to “Wing Dings” and I told her of my trip to the Bol D’Or in 1998 on my Yamaha FZ 750. I had seen many trikes at the Bol. Most were converted to thumb throttle and highly modified for disabled and accident amputees but this Can Am Spyder RT Limited was manufactured  as a trike and not a conversion. It came from BRP and shared quite a lot with “Ski Doo” snowmobiles made by them. This one had a 3 cylinder Rotax engine of almost 1.4 litres. A six speed box plus reverse gear. A whopping price tag of £27,000 and a WOW factor of immense proportions! Searching the web produced lists of jargon based features but these were serious things to have on a sophisticated trike with a hefty power to weight ratio. 400 kg and about 115 bhp anyone?

Featuring  A.B.S.,  Traction Control, Stability Control, Dynamic Power Steering and a Digital Security System, you want for nothing! You Tube has this :

This incredible piece of kit is from my late fathers homeland of Canada. There is some link with Bombardier of military trail bike and railway engineering fame, I believe.

Coming soon, you will be able to read of my adventures to the Bol D’Or . Details of the book to follow.

I chatted with the owner for some time, mentioning my very recent post on my Bow Top Caravan Blog about the Morgan 3 Wheeler and a test  ride in a manic JZR Pan European.  see

I thanked the Lady for her time and wandered off to take long distance pics of the old “Funship” which is anchored nearby and used to be used for selling bargain basement items and latterly, Antiques I believe. Pretty sure that Salvage Hunter, Drew Pritchard has been seen visiting on his TV show.


To continue the self imposed embarrassment that I seem to create. I also mentioned to the Can Am owner that there used to be a “similar looking, Classic British Leyland Mini based trike ” called as I claimed wrongly as it turned out a “Scorpion. ” Investigation this evening showed my memory had let me down and I was thinking of the ” Stimson Scorcher”. Gulp ! here’s an example:


Bloody Hell ! It’s only similarity is three wheels! It looks like something that Fred Flintstone got rid of for being obsolete! I offer my humble apologies to the Lady owner of the Can Am Spyder. My face is bright red right now……

Postscript : I think that I may even have been thinking about THIS “Scorpion”. Maybe I am forgiven?


The weather held out all day. What a day it was too! I love the unusual and I certainly found that today!


5 Responses to “Mostyn, Flint and North Wales”

  1. Joanna Mackintosh February 14, 2017 at 3:05 pm #

    You don’t need forgiveness – an easy mistake and I did agree with you only because I’d heard similar names bandied about when people discuss three-wheelers with me 🙂 Sadly, I only know Spyders, and then only *my* model of Spyder…oh, and GoldWings of course.

    The Lady Owner 🙂

    • Dinkum February 14, 2017 at 9:41 pm #

      Thanks for spending time to chat with me. You have a fascinating machine. It would have been a much comfier trip to the Bol D’Or than my old FZ750 ! Good as it was.

  2. Eunice February 24, 2017 at 8:39 pm #

    Now I’m jealous with all this talk of Goldwings and Spyders 🙂 I have a long-held dream to own a Goldwing but the practicalities would be impossible as it would be too big for me to handle. I’d settle for a pillion ride on one if I knew anyone who had one.

    I’m surprised you didn’t walk down to the fun ship and get some proper pics of it, it’s easy enough to get to from where you were.

    • Dinkum February 24, 2017 at 9:53 pm #

      You would probably be OK with a Goldwing. They carry most weight very low down. I have sold all my bikes. My old Sunbeam S7 de luxe looked like a Harley Fat Boy. My Cagiva Raptor 1000 had a Suzuki TL thou engine and kept trying to kill me…………… It just wanted to use one wheel. The rear one!!!
      Now I’m obsessed that my photos are not up to scratch. LOL

      • Eunice February 24, 2017 at 11:51 pm #

        Have a look towards the bottom of this page of my other blog for some close up pics of the old ship –
        I’m been an avid watcher of Salvage Hunters since it first started but I don’t remember ever seeing Drew on the ship – I could be wrong though if I’ve been away at some time and missed an episode. I had the privilege of meeting and photographing his little dog Enzo a couple of years ago, he’s adorable 🙂

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