From the Land of “Micro Compact”, Japan

11 Feb


Whilst taking a break from prepping his own caravan for Loch Lomond, Martin took time out over a coffee to send some links to YouTube about the TENTMUSHI Japanese micro campers. They even have a tiny model of their tiny model including a Campervan towing a caravan in the “Dinkum Manner”. I am going to call this Combi Camping from now on.


Regular readers will know that I am an advocate of Combi Camping. An all singing, all dancing, well equipped caravan as a base, coupled  with a day to day mobile unit for those beach trips or forest foraging. ( Do not confuse this with Nigel Farage, although I always try for a quiet, “soft exit” when closing the camper doors on site especially at night…………) 


There was also a link to Japanese made NV200 Camper Van:


The Tentmushi range is the most popular of RVs in Japan. Here’s some more:


There’s even a 6 Wheeler !


Tentmushi sleep up to four people, two in the roof, which must be reinforced? I always took the weight restriction on the NV200 roof as 100kg? so two in the roof is probably too much.

I am off to get some Sushi in my Tentmushi. Bye for now.


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