Bizzare Behaviour ? Is it just me?

10 Feb


Some gestures have a very clear interpretation. This is Elizabeth Hurley in Bewitched. I would be pretty certain of what she intended if she signalled to me. More on this below. Please keep reading.

Today, after a week almost wholly  taken with staying home to get a new combi boiler fitted and my wallet emptied, we made the short trip to Market Drayton for shopping and some lunch before heading across country to Dagfields emporium to unwind , looking at curios, antiques and collectible assorted junk.

I say “almost wholly” . One day we did get to take our dear friend and her daughter out to lunch at a busy pub in Woore. Our friend was over from Australia, having recently lost her husband of many years. It was a sweet and sour reunion for us. Her visit drove home the finality of losing a very close and valued friend but we got to see someone, whom we thought we may never see again when they headed off to Brisbane a couple of years back.

It was good to be able to relax again today. Then, when we left the emporium to return home, we got to a tee junction by the Boar Inn, which has recently closed. I hope it’s for a refurb and not yet another good country pub lost to developement. This junction is on a very fast, country road. It’s a staggered cross roads and demands respect at all times. We were turning right out of the “tee”. From our left, came a posh car, which stopped back from the junction. It just stopped. I waited for the male driver to make his turn right, in front of us and then into the road from whence we came. No. He just remained still. No flash of headlight .Contrary to the highway code, I know. But also contrary to common practice from several decades past. I checked for other vehicles and then noticed his black leather gloved hand. One finger. Yes, one finger, was motioning for me to come out! It was just visible and thanks to my prior tuition in micro searching visually, from a Golden Eagle, I just spotted it! Puzzled, I pulled forward and got safely away.



The driver immediately turned from man of tiny movements into road rage leaping ape. I had taken too long to respond to his quiver of a gesture. Perhaps, if he had also brought his eyebrows into action, Roger Moore style, then I could have reacted more swiftly. No wonder confusion reigns. Maybe he spends too much time messing with a touchpad????


We drove the rest of the way home, passing Bridgemere nurseries and our favourite pub at Woore. Arriving home, I signalled to make the tight hairpin into our frontage and a car coming the opposite way stopped to let me cross.

Yes ! You guessed it ! He was giving the magic micro movement, one finger , ” please go ahead with your manourve” gesture. It looked as if he was picking at a scab or trying to peel a screen protector off his mobile phone.

Is it just me……………. ??????



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