Hot News from the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre.

4 Feb


Looks familiar?    Think again !   This is the single bed version of the East Neuk , Touring Cub from the father , son and  seven strong team based in Fife, Scotland.    see

Martin has yet again sent in the latest news , this time from the Glasgow Show, which is on this weekend. This high top NV200 has been shown prevously on the Blog, again thanks to Martin,  but news and photos were scarce. Here’s another view


I cannot wait to see one of these in the metal. Knowing the size, feel and scope from our pop top camper van, this first (?) high top NV200 conversion has got to have a spacious “Tardis” atmosphere with it’s walk through “corridor” from the flat floor cab to the rear doors. I would definitely use twin, or a single swivel cab seat to maximise that feeling of space which must be present in this very compact vehicle. Remember the advantages of a level floor right through the vehicle. You can make use of the cab as part of the habitation section. Many people use Nissan NV200 camper vans solo, sleeping alone. One has visited our home to pick up the original wheels and tyres left over from our conversion by Drivelodge. That pleasant chap was using a canoe almost daily from his van. We have also had several communications from both men and women who use NV200s without a companion or with a pet. Most were self-converted but not all, by any means. One lovely Lady bought from Sussex Campervans after contacting us, I believe.  I wish East Neuk every success! Here’s a fresh look at that high top


At the present time, that’s all the information I have but will post updates as they come in. Thanks Martin for these pictures of this innovative high top compact and very useable camper van. Dare I call it a mini motor home? 

Yes, I think so.

see the very first pictures from Martin by clicking on “related” post shown below in red.


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