Wrong turn? A topical comment

31 Jan


Just had another enjoyable and memorable long weekend in London. Decided that the best route for us is definitely taking the M40 motorway between Birmingham and West London in order to get to South East London. Worst bit is the south circular but far better than M1, M25 anticlockwise ” over the top” to Dartford crossing.

Above is a stupid and visually confusing motorway sign which I could not resist including here. Somebody got paid to design this. I admit though that I can also be very stupid at times. On the way down, making excellent time, unhindered by traffic or other obstacle we were set to arrive in good time. Until, I lost focus leaving the Oxford services and went North (!) not South. A twenty mile detour incurred . Do not pass GO, do Not collect £200. What a plonker!


About half a day was spent in enjoyable fashion, practicing for the Bow Top caravan build. (see my other Blog, details at the top of home page.) We built a child’s playhouse similar to the one shown here. It arrived , missing the screw, nail and fittings pack. So , in order to get it ready for the big birthday. ( ” I am Big , grandad, not two!”), a trip to B&Q had to be made. Well made, it was a huge success with adults being invited in and kicked out in sequence, despite the 50 kg limit which I exceeded easily.


Then, on the morning of the big day, a call from my son had me driving the short distance to help swap his car battery. Stupid move made again, as I had forgotten to replace my decent tool set in the campervan prior to the trip. My smaller bits and bobs were not strong enough to remove the 12mm set pin holding the battery. Another trip to Screwfix to pick up a half inch drive hexagon socket sorted that problem and we were soon back in action with the little Aygo. Tried to get my son to commit to buying a replica of the 2017 WRC Toyota Yaris Rally Car. All I managed to achieve, was to get him to watch the Monte Carlo Rally on catch up , CH5.  see below for more petrolhead comment.


The birthday party went very well indeed. Diet forgotten for a moment and great fun was had. The return trip came around far too quickly and we were soon back home with daily chores to look forward too. Fuel consumption was very poor on this trip. A head wind on the way down and 70 mph cruising gave us a sub 40 mpg reading and we refilled the tank before getting home, which is unheard of previously. Just shows what a head wind can do.



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