The years flash by. It’s Burn’s Night again

25 Jan


Burn’s night always brings back happy memories of past celebrations. I once had a Scottish boss who generously , each year, threw a party for our team which had a strong representation from our Scottish colleagues. Wonderful !

It also reminds me of my many previous Scottish trips. For example to Loch Goil and on another occasion, a trip to Skye.Then there was Aviemore, Sterling, Dundee…………….


Robert Burns is linked with Haggis due to his poem about this famous delicacy.

see    recipes at

For our Scottish readers, please take this next picture as it is intended. A Joke.


Being  close to the Welsh borders and having very outspoken friends , many who style themselves on Piers Morgan (!!!!!!!!!)   It is usually the Welsh linked with Sheep related jokes . No offence I hope. I laugh at the fattest jokes and shortest jokes aimed at me………..

I shall certainly be eating Haggis myself today and boring my wife with badly pronounced renditions of Robert Burns. Especially after a couple of Smokey Black Grouse drams…..   Here’s one I made earlier:

scottish breakfast  Complete with broken yolk and scruffy plating up!

Today’s version may be totally different. I have a turnip and potatoes fresh in. A smaller plate would not hurt either……….

Cannot wait for our next trip to Scotland. Will we manage the NC500 this year?

lochgoilheadnuclear submarine HMS Triumph on the river Clydenc500-map

STOP PRESS !  Look what’s just appeared in my email:


With my mate Martin’s comment:”Some of us are STILL on dry January but I don’t grudge you English boys a wee dram of SMOKEY whatever your havin. Enjoy your Haggis and black puddin wae champit mash and a wee dod oh tumshie !!!!! CHEERS from the northern end oah I’m gaggin for a wee goldie branch…ahahahahahaha.”

How nice is that! Better have an extra glass of Whisky on Martin’s behalf. Perhaps one for Libby too  and ….


2 Responses to “The years flash by. It’s Burn’s Night again”

  1. Dave January 25, 2017 at 10:07 am #

    Looking forward to reading about your NC 500 trip. We are hoping to make the trip in April/May time in our campervan.

    • Dinkum January 25, 2017 at 3:02 pm #

      Thanks for commenting Dave. Please get in touch with your experiences. We won’t manage the trip until later in the year. We appreciate your contribution!

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