Practice what you preach

9 Jan


Braving the last of man flu symptoms, we took our Puss cat for his MOT test today. He was very nervous in his pet carrier and I slowly drove out of the village. The kids were all pouring out of school and the pavement heaving with eager young people, keen to get home to their broadband, game machines and so on.

So, bearing in mind my recent punishment for loss of focus (speeding in a 30 mph limit) I was using 3rd gear and keeping within the urban speed limit.

A very irate mum, driving a huge and expensive looking 4 x 4 came up behind me, blissfully unaware of the hordes of kids marching home through the rain. Flashing her  headlights made no difference and I stuck to 30mph. As we passed the secondary school, she swung off to the right, cutting the corner and screached to a halt to pick up her own kids!





Perhaps she would drive more carefully if we put up more Ducks Crossing signs in addition to the one we already have. Kids? What do they matter…………………


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