A rare trip overseas

8 Jan


Wherever else we go this year, this one’s a cert. Cape Cod , Massatchusetts  just south of Boston, on the eastern coast of the USA for my son’s wedding to a very pretty American lady!

I have already ridden a half hour’s bike trip alongside the Cape Cod canal using YouTube, my exercise bike and my laptop. I  am looking forward to the real thing! It should be a wonderful and memorable event. I love seafood, which abounds in Cape Cod. The wedding itself will be an introduction to American culture. With family from Irish and Italian stock, it’s going to be fun. We cannot wait.

After the wedding, the plan is now to possibly travel North to Canada, my deceased Father’s homeland, to Nova Scotia. My son in law is keen to hire an RV each to enjoy the peninsula and Islands of this lovely scenic region.


My daughter did a fabulous job of 2016’s trip to Scotland and I am hoping that she will again rise to the task and organise 2017’s special trip overseas. An RV will cost around $1000 per week plus fuel etc. What a way to see the best that Nova Scotia has to offer. One of my former Teachers once said that it was the most beautiful place that he had ever seen. It cannot have changed much in all that time can it?

rv-rentaljpg  We were lucky enough to own a 24 ft Minnie Winnie when the kids were small and we ran our own business. Back then these monsters were cheap. 4, yes , 4 US Dollars to one pound sterling ! Have not seen that in a while !These big coachbuilts are easy to drive with light controls and automatic gearbox. very smooth, quiet and surprisingly swift. The V8 engine on ours sounded like a jet engine whirring away deep beneath the front seats. I must have posted before about only achieving 7 mpg though, in very windy, wintery conditions near Locherbie one November’s night whilst RAC Rally watching? Usually it would manage about 14 mpg. Not a big issue when paying North American fuel prices.

I would not be doing my Blog justice if we did not go ahead with this, now, would I?

Yogi Bear

“What’s in the Pic-a-Nic Basket ? Boo Boo”


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