Happy New Year to all

31 Dec


Currently nursing the start of man flu and apologised for not attending tonight’s neighbours celebrations. A week of close proximity to my toddler grandaughter who had a shocker of a cold and as we all know, kids are not the most hygienic of small mammals. (Only joking if family reading this !). Anyway, I may have caught this virus from a Sainsbury or Aldi trolley handle…………. who knows! (Touch the handle, rub your eye, then you feel that you’re gonna die!)

Here’s to a happy and healthy New Year!  Below are a few photo memories of our travels in 2016 and a personal tribute to a dear friend who passed away on Boxing Day.

london-zoo-tiger       London Zoo.

elddis-pickup-3      Collecting the Elddy.


The Microlite about to leave for the last time.

axe-edge-may-2016-1    Axe Edge, Peak District. polesden-lacey-1  Polesden Lacy. SE England.

img_1096    Solo near Newark. img_1107  Vulcan at Newark Air Museum.

We last saw a Vulcan Bomber when we visited the area around Newark for a 90th Birthday Celebration for Her Majesty, the Queen Elizabeth.

vulcan-bomber   A very dear friend , Alan Mawson, moved to Australia to be with his family in the sunshine for his twilight years. We met more than 6 years ago when I was restoring our cottage in the village and he would stroll past to get his newspaper. He disrupted my work for quite a while as we can both talk for hours.!  In his National Service days, Alan was one of a relatively small team working as ground crew on the secretive Vulcan Bomber fleet.

As we got to know each other, it was obvious that he had enjoyed a wonderful family life filled with song birds, keeping chickens and using his financial skills to good effect. But most of all, he was a cheeky rascal of a man. We shared many, boyish, non-PC jokes standing looking over the village pond (which he had a hand in saving from the idiot , past , local politicians decades ago)

As his dementia slowly took hold, we would still share a small whisky together , laughing at his stories of daring do in the RAF. I bought him a die-cast Vulcan to take with him when he emigrated to Australia. A massive, brave move at that time of life. Everyone in the village missed him.

Just a day or so ago, we got the horrid news from his daughter that he had passed away on Boxing Day.

The weather in Brisbane had suited him and extended his quality of life tremendously.

Alan Mawson. Rest in peace.


Love to Alwyn and all the family. xx


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