Another coincidence or a very appropriate gift?

27 Dec

zillah-smith        On Boxing Day my daughter visited with her hubby and our grandaughter. Throughout the day, we exchanged gifts. We took our time as a not yet quite two years old toddler can get quite excited and overwhelmed when confronted with play kitchens, Tee Pees and more.

Being very busy , what with a toddler to look after and a hectic City lifestyle, my daughter does not view my Blog all that often. Although she knew of my intention to make a replica Bow Top Gypsy Caravan and had seen at least one pair of genuine wooden cart wheels, she was unaware of my plans to start another  Blog about making a Bow Top.

I was delighted to receive this book by Netta Cartwright. The story of Romany Gypsy, Zillah Smith, it is a beautiful record of a way of life which is fast disappearing. Zillah, I believe , comes from the Stafford area. The book was launched near Rugeley, in Staffordshire and so there is a local connection. I cannot wait to get my teeth into it.

I am sure that the book will support my efforts with the new Blog ( see posting of 20th December 2016)

I was just blown away by how very appropriate this gift was. It was I that was overwhelmed on Boxing day, not my little soulmate grandaughter.



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