A short trip to East Cheshire, a Celebrity fellow shopper and a moan about Talk Talk.

6 Dec


With the days so short now and darkness falling before 4pm we made the short hop east to Congleton for a pre-Christmas shop at Victoria Mill Antiques.

Much milder today, so the pre-heating using the gas blown air was not needed. We left the heating on yesterday whilst parked ! The campervan was filthy following a round robin of three antiques  centres in West  and North Cheshire on Monday. Arriving at lunchtime, we used the restaurant in the “loft” at the mill and purchased off the specials list. Top notch ! Almost as good as at Applegates yesterday, just south of Chester on Whitchurch Road.


When we finally got to the checkout desk, we stood behind a very distinguished figure , just completing his own purchase. It was Noddy Holder from Slade. This is how I remember him from my youth and how he looks now.


I was disappointed, being a chatty sort myself, not to be able to say how memorable he was and how much fun he gave to my mates and I in our old “biker” days way back in time, when Slade were a huge celebrity band.Within a few seconds he had turned away from the checkout and was out the door.

Now, One of Slade’s hits was ” Gudbuy T’Jane” reflecting the morning’s events.

slade-gudbuy-to-jane      Before we had left home, I had said goodbye T’ Talk Talk. Long overdue, I had had my mobile phone hacked into following the well publicised security breach. Someone had added their number onto my mobile account and I was paying someone else’s phone usage. At the time I had the devil of a job convincing Talk Talk that this was the case. At one point they even said that my mobile number had always been the fraudulent imposter. That was until I provided a bill from them showing my correct number which I have had for “centuries”.

I have cancelled my land line/TV/Broadband “bundle” too. Despite a promise to phone me back with a PAC code within 10 to 15 minutes, true to form it never happened and I had to go through all the mind numbing process to request it again this afternoon. This time successfully.

Now with new providers, in Slade’s words , “I won’t let it ‘Appen Agen.” Nil points to Talk Talk. Be warned if you are shopping around yourself.

Before heading for home, I topped up the windscreen washer bottle from a 5 litre back up that I keep in the campervan. I got really grubby hands doing this but it’s sooo easy to wash in a campervan. Oh the shear luxury of it all…………….


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