A pleasant round trip to London and back

29 Nov


Just had three nights in London for Thanksgiving. Fabulous weekend and met some very interesting people, including the lovely daughter of a very famous TV actress and writer and a lady who had been involved on the fringes of a previous industry in which I worked. ‘Tis a small world ! Got to see the family and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

The trip down took in the M6 Toll, the M40 and then the South Circular via Earls Court. Dry, clear weather and no roadwoks allowed for 70mph cruising for virtually the entire run.

Seventy miles an hour means that each second you are covering about 31 metres or nearly 103 feet in old “money”.

That’s about one and a quarter times the length of a Tennis Court every second. Fiddling with a CD., bottle of water or , dare I say it, your phone (!!!!!!)  means that you are missing huge tracts of awareness of what is immediately in front of your missile. I mention this because at one point I did brush the noisy lane markings to my left and really alarmed my wife. Just a momentary lapse of focus. It just shows what a dangerous place the hard shoulder is.


To confirm some recent questions about my reported (up to….) 60 mpg which we have achieved and can still achieve, we did only average 43 mpg overall on the way down. The campervan was packed with Christmas and family gifts, bottles of booze and even 5 litres of windscreen wash. Luggage added even more weight and so we were running fully laden, so not too bad, all things considered.


The weekend was packed with Family events but my son and I did enjoy a quiet pint amongst the locals at The Bricklayers Arms in Beckenham. Literally a pint for me. St Austells brewery “Proper Job”. It was too.Hoppy with a citrus hint. LOL. A lovely pint in friendly surroundings. Open fires, dog friendly and recommended if you like “real”  pubs and not a “Disney” designed , plastic replica.

The trip home came around all too soon but was a reverse direction re-run of the trip down. This time though, it did take 2 hours just to get clear of London but a very pleasant drive nonetheless



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