I love my Propex heater

19 Nov


Some time ago, I asked if anyone was skiing from their motorhome or campervan. Here are some hardy souls in Praz sur Arly, Mont Blanc, France, doing just that. There is even a pop top in use on that VW!!!!  Well, today we did not get snow but we did get hit with our first very cold and very wet visit of the year at Oswestry Showground.


This pic was not taken today but it does show the showground in the damp. Today was far worse. The grass was very muddy indeed and the rain so heavy it was not fit to photograph. We did a loop around, visiting the stalls outside which had visible wares to sell, then took some respite from the conditions in the two halls in use.

When we got back to the campervan, we were chilled to the bone and our jackets soaking wet. We stripped off the wet clothes, the hats being worst hit and flicked on the Propex blown air heating. By the time we had completed the very short drive to Cambrian Antiques via Morrisons, in Oswestry town, everything was pretty much dry and the entire habitation space cosy warm.

I was so glad that I recently topped up the LPG at the autogas pump. Blown air gas heating is NOT a cheap option to have fitted, but it so cheap to refill and very convenient to achieve a top up whilst on the road.It is also extremely effective, even with the pop top raised in cold weather. We can vouch for this from previous cold weather trips to the Lake District.You don’t have to worry about burning your driving diesel for overnight heating and is much cheaper to use than diesel too.


We bought an old glass insulator, from high tension electricity cables, like the one shown above at top left. It was perfect to take some very tall Church candles for our new fireplace.

The other ” highlight” of the day involved following s handful of very over-cautious , elderly drivers along the Shropshire “A” roads. Two of these, drove at about 38mph in the 60mph zones and then proceeded at unabated speed through the 30mph limits!Is there a club for these folk? Perhaps somewhere that they could all congregate out of the way of conventionally safe drivers. The wife just said that I was grumpy…..

We also used vast quantities of wash wipe fluid following behind  an entertaining , rear-steering, triple axle trailer, articulated HGV which was well driven, delivering bulk animal feed. This thing tracked beautifully as if it had a computer in it’s tail. It stayed THAT close to the safest line through all the tight bends! Amazing. Plus the driver kept off the double white lines, unlike aforementioned and much slower drivers above.


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