The Autumn sun continues to linger.

26 Oct


The Kampa has been stood outside, unwashed for about 4 weeks now, I am ashamed to say. It is as grubby as the chimney sweep who called this morning to give the log burner a wire brush and “Dettol” procedure. His family have been sweeping chimneys for over a century! He did a great job but we didn’t get a single , Dick Van Dyke song from Mary Poppins. Just a clean, hassle free job done and peace of mind.

We headed for Market Drayton to buy some car wash and groceries and then  a  Market day carvery at the Clive and Coffyn. That reminded me of Clive of India, who it seems was a bit of a naughty lad who lived in Market Drayton in the 1700s. He was linked with Powys Castle near Welshpool and the weather was sooooooo good, we decided to pop over for another look around whilst the Indian Summer prevailed. He was , after all , “Clive of India.” He did seem to “commandeer” a large collection of valuables from India at the time……..


Here are today’s pictures. The car park was packed solid and there were a few motorhomes in attendance. Also half term and some lovely kids were playing hide and seek on the main terraces. It was fun just listening to them calling the old familiar shouts and counting down before the seeking began.”One hundred! Coming, ready or not!”

We were a little late getting there, so we made sure we entered the museum before the 3.30pm deadline.There was a large Indian musket, so big, it would be like shouldering a Chieftain Tank barrel and pulling the trigger. 

We still managed to hear a bit of a gruesome talk by Lady dressed in WW I nurse’s outfit. After six week’s training, 18 hour days in field hospitals with pretty basic kit became the norm. I wonder how many found sweethearts amongst the chaos and how many got back to Blighty for a wedding. Chilling, even after 100 years.

Welshpool seemed to be a fine small town. Old style, shops and a butchers selling local Welsh lamb. There does seem to be a real sense of Welsh pride, just over Offa’s dyke. I admire that. We saw it in Scotland too. Skye folk are proud of Skye. Personally I would like to see a bit more English pride too, even if I am part Canadian………   LOL


The childrens’ chanting of decades old outdoor games, got me thinking of an old saying. “Red and Green, seldom seen, only on a fool !”   But here above, these colours sit together so very well on these Ancient walls of Powys Castle. Not Daft at all.   I hope you agree.

Whilst I am rambling on , a bit, in Scotland we also saw a description of the word “Daft”. In old Scots parlance, apparently it means “unreasonably happy.” Which would mean that we were “Daft” in Scotland for a full 14 days!

Bugger ! Should have called my earlier posts, “Five go Daft in Scotland.”


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