Stealth camping or Free Camping using motor vehicle in Scotland

18 Oct


Please Note: These pics just show vans, camper vans and motorhomes we spotted whilst in Scotland. I am NOT implying that any of those shown were involved in any “stealth” or free camping activities. If one of these is yours and you want the picture removed, just let me know via the comments option below.


We did witness several “camping vehicles” obviously in use as overnight stopovers in locations including Glen Brittle (Fairy Pools carpark) , the headland below the Clan Mcleod tribute land at Portree and on laybyes throughout the Isle of Skye. Vehicles ranged from totally unmarked vans, through partially converted campervans, of various base vehicles, to Motorhomes of all ages and values. One was certainly in the £50k to £60k bracket. NONE of those seen are shown here. Some were almost literally next door to official campsites. We saw no anti-social activities , litter or infringement of the Land Access Laws.



In my opinion, wild camping is not about money, although some must enjoy the campsite fee savings, which can be significant. When you have a self contained support unit , (your “camper”) why tie yourself to convention or the “grid”. Solar power is frequently seen in use now. I find nothing wrong with wild camping as long as you affect nobody else. Stick to the guide lines , aimed at non vehicular land access and yu should be unlucky to attract attention.

I have joined the NC500 “club” with a view to making the full tour of the Route when possible.

The North Coast 500 is a 516-mile scenic route around the north coast of Scotland, starting and ending at Inverness Castle

Although there are official camping sites available , there are significant gaps in the route where wild camping could be the most practical option and I would not rule it out. Our NV200 is fully 12v with a long self sufficient period between elctrical hook up. We have LPG on board for several days heating and cooking , even in very cold weather. We can fill up with LPG at many garages.

for more about the NC500 route see

All comments welcomed below. I have heard from lots of self converters. Please use the Blog to offer your views. Thanks.

2 Responses to “Stealth camping or Free Camping using motor vehicle in Scotland”

  1. Summer M Ruckman June 29, 2018 at 7:33 pm #

    If I want to visit Fort Williams, Glen Coe and Inverness, is there enough easy places to park in the evening to spend the night? It’s OK if it’s in a parking lot. I am considering renting a discrete camper van instead of renting a car and staying in hotels.

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