Glasgow, Autumn 2016

16 Oct


We were invited by family to head off to Scotland again for a two week tour.We took Virgin Trains , loaded down with too much luggage for comfort.  Starting with a city weekend in Glasgow, we left behind the camper van for a superb apartment, close to Glasgow Central rail station.

Would we? Could we survive without our daily use of our little gem? Yes, when it was replaced by our other little Gem of a grand daughter.

The apartment was huge. I estimated that we could have literally parked several NV200s in the lounge/kitchen area alone. Two nights here to allow for an evening with the Scottish Ballet at the Theatre Royal before heading for Fort William by train.


We enjoyed the modern ballet. Bizarre in parts with humour and totally capivating. So different from the classic ballet we have seen before in Buxton a few times. We walked up to the Glasgow Necropolis for a view over the City but mist prevented that but added atmosphere to the cemetery. The mist burned off into sunny conditions as we returned to the Ten Kilometre running event below. The sun was to stay with us throughout for almost 14 days! Staggeringly good weather , even for an often mild October in Scotland.


We visited the superb Riverside Museum and the tall ship Glenlee, rescued from the Spanish navy for it’s return to Glasgow, where it was bult.The museum featured memorable transport exhibits including the fabulous (in my opinion) , Scottish made, Hillman Imp. An exhibit of a model of cruise ship, Athenia, brought tears to my eyes. My grandmother ,aged just seventeen, joined my grandfather, in Canada , where my father and uncle were born. The family returned just before the start of WWII to start a family business.

The Athenia was the first ship sunk by  German torpedo in the Atlantic at the beginning of WWII.


We had a great time in Glasgow. It reminded me of parts of New York City, in a good way. Glasgow is known for the quality of it’s marine engineers who train there. I know. I have met some of them. I wish that we could see the ship yards flourishing again.

Coming next. We go by train to Fort William to join the Jacobite steam train to Mallaig. But not until we have had a few nights in Fort William and tested our legs out in Glen Nevis.


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