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New tyres at just over 40,000 miles.

8 Sep



The Michelin Primacy tyres, whih were fitted at 24,500 miles were almost down to the marker pips and a little wheelspin was creeping in on uphill, wet road starts. Not as bad as the Kumhos at the same wear stage though. They were quiet tyres , once run in and hopefully the AVON 205/45 R17 ZV7 XL replacements will match them. The Michelins did a surprising 15.580 miles. I still have to compare with the previous sets of Kumho and other brands but they do seem to have bettered them for mileage life and certainly quieter May be able to justify the higher price with a little more research. Now feel safe to head off with the caravan in tow whatever the weather throws at us.

I had made a precautionary change of one Michelin for Avon not very long ago due to a slight edge wear issue, believed to have been caused by one of the alloys having a slight “wobble” due to distortion. I can remember heavily kerbing one rim. when distracted whilst parking against a very high and sturdy kerb in Burton-on-Trent. I chose AVON to buy British following the Brexit vote. A habit , I intend to maintain from now on.

Sadly, AVON are owned by the American company Cooper Tyres but they are made in Britain. The same can be said with different owners for many more brands of tyres. Power Utility companies fall into the same category. Difficult to rectify but I believe that this is just another way we are doing wrong. I may start a Blog campaigning for change.





Another Blog benchmark reached.

7 Sep


Just realised that the 500th post was made on this blog on 28th August 2016. Subject was a trip to a Classic Car show at Capesthorne Hall in Cheshire. On the best day ever, earlier this year, we had a viewing of the blog, on average, each two and a half minutes over a 24 hour period. Thanks to all for your support! We are not done yet !

Tour of Britain Stage 3. Close to Axe Edge, Buxton in the Peak District.

7 Sep


Tuesday was dry and warm, so we bought newspapers and a couple of sandwich meal deals from our village shop and headed east towards Leek, Buxton and the Peak District. Deliberately very early, as parking on the third stage of the Tour is very limited after the Cat and Fiddle climb, we found a decent layby which was just after the junction from the Cat and Fiddle (Goyt Valley “exit”) and the road back towards the finish at Tatton Park. The layby quickly filled up with other spectators as we waited over 2 hours for the race to arrive. After a picnic lunch, I set up one of the dash cams on the nearside mirror to automatically video the event.It shows just the main peloton and can be viewed below.


We chatted with the mature couple who arrived on the trail bike. They had come all the way from Gloucester! It was not long before the breakaway  arrived. Ian Stannard of Sky team lead the way and was obviously making his solo break for the finish, making good use of local knowledge and the downhill run back towards the area around Wildboarclough . He looked hugely powerful. So quickly did he depart that it was fairly obvious that we had just seen the stage winner!


It was around 5 minutes before the main peloton came into view. Hoping to see some of our heroes, including Mark Cavendish and Sir Bradley Wiggins, we focussed hard. But, blink and you’ve missed it, the peloton flashed past at high speed, enhanced by the descent.


A whirlwind of activity was quickly over and the whole entourage disappeared towards the moody clouds coming in from the east. A helicopter swept by and caught the camper on ITV4 footage for a tiny moment , just after showing Ian Stannard’s launch away from Briggs and House. Fame at last !As I said, blink and you miss it !


tob-2016-police-outrider The police motorcyclists in particular were making good progress. One of them managed to get his centre stand down and scraped the road as he approached the horizon. Pretty sure he was on one of the  BMW flat twins. The marshalls were riding with much less “vigour” !

Video from the dash cam should be here   


A little drama at Chateau Dinkum

4 Sep

stop police
Sitting at home last night, I was checking out the Tour of Britain cycle race route when the peace was shattered by “blues and twos” of the L.P.U. (Local Police Unit.) In this case a large crew cab 4 x 4 pick up. They had stopped a 4 x 4 driving through the village for some reason. After quite a considerable time, the good folk inside gathered their bags and left. Not sure if they went in the police crew cab or if they set off on foot towards three counties “corner” and Wales beyond.

A second police car replaced the missing crew cab and a tow truck arrived in a very short time indeed. The 4 x 4 was then pulled onto the tow truck with anti-theft alarm blaring and it disappeared into the night.
towed by police

This sort of thing is classified as “interesting occurence” in the village! I went back to researching the Tour and also began organising new tyres for the campervan and an Autumn “run to the sun” in deepest Poldark country.