Message in a bottle

25 Sep


This weekend, we spent two days out and about in the campervan enjoying some of the last (?) of the Indian Summer sun. We had a feast of Antique browsing. First we went to Uttoxeter racecourse where a Fair was being held. A few of the sellers were sleeping in vans, motorhomes and caravans. One couple were obviously storing their wares in a tent overnight and sleeping directly in their unmarked LGV.Stealth camping at it’s best.

We had a gourmet lunch at the Saracen’s Head, Weston , on the Uttoxeter to Stafford road. Then onward to Bingley Hall, Stafford for the Bowman’s Antique fair. Today we visited two more Antique shops in Wrexham. It’s what we enjoy doing.Sometimes when transporting Antiques , for example, we lose access to the fridge and the porta potti.

I recently came across a website where stealth camping in an NV200 is commonplace. A very interesting Blog which can be viewed here . A totally different standpoint to ours.  

I had been searching for NV200 related news to add to my own Blog. Many NV200 converters and users are now Blogging , which is very encouraging. I was flattered to read a reference to my own scribings on the NV200man’s website. It mentioned that due to insufficient space in his campervan, Dinkum used a bottle to pee in at night! Indeed , I did mention that we carry both a “He wee and a She Wee” for emergency use when we cannot access either the porta potti or a shower block when on site.

Access to your own Porta Potti is an important feature if you are self building. Although the comment made me smile, it is serious point in my mind. Whilst “stealth” camping just outside a ” closed for the night” campsite  , in a forest outside Orleans, France, we were once very glad indeed NOT to have to leave our home on wheels, for a pee,  when we were surrounded by ,thankfully, inattentive,  very drunk , young, French soldiers dealing drugs from a car parked alongside us and celebrating Le Weekend!

I am now following NV200man’s Blog. Vive le difference !



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