Autumn ? Surely not ?

21 Sep

lake vyrnwy aug 2016 2

This picture dates from the end of August. Tomorrow is the first official day of Autumn in the UK. I am still wearing short sleeves and shorts and riding my bike along the canal. There is little sign, locally, of any colour change in the leaves which are still hanging on in there. A few apples have fallen in the garden, but that is mostly down to mis-management by lazy gardeners (us !). We have not yet harvested any plums or apples, just a few pears which my wife could not resist plucking from our little trees.

When showing our Romahome owner and on-site neighbour our conversion on Anglesey, I did notice that the Gaslow indicator is showing a need to top up the refillable LPG in readiness for the cooler weather which has to come soon. We also need to replenish the campervan with quick and easy lunch time food and drink. You know the stuff. Soup, a selection of hotel room type hot drinks and dare I say it , at least a Tomato and Beef (LOL)  pot noodle! We currently await our friend’s recovery from an eye operation before we can re-run the gourmet picnic lunch. No pot noodles to be involved there…. ahem. As long as it is not pouring with rain as I do have to have a table outside the van to cater for 3 courses and plates and utensil swaps. The new Fiamma awning can cope with light showers though. Really looking forward to this to give our chums a good send off to their pastures new by the sea.


I do not think that outdoor activity is over for the year, by any means, but when we do retreat to the log burner, we at least will get the chance to search the archives for those promised posts and get the indoor chores done. The campervan and caravan will remain, ready to roll so long as I can get grip from the tyres. Not hibernating  just yet! Nothing better than a Cornish pasty on the harbour wall so long as you have your big fat jumper on.



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