A slight deviation

11 Sep


Went to fill up the Campervan late this afternoon and spotted a white Fiat 124 Spider outside our local Fiat dealership. On the way home, in bright sunshine ,I could not resist a quick look. This was the first 124 Spider that I had seen in the metal. As they were closing, I was rushed inside to sit in a black version which was unlocked.


I absolutely loved it ! Nice aggressive stance. Familiar (to me) Fiat interior features and a quality look and feel. I was given a super brochure and price list and was urged to return to drive one. When I got home, I returned to cleaning the campervan. The windscreen was badly smeared on the outside and I re-washed it and added  a “Rain-X” coating for good measure. This worked so well on our previous Fiat Trigano Tribute that you could get away without using the wipers in most rainy conditions which really surprised at the time. The angle of dangle of the windscreen must have been just right?

Anyway, as I was mucking about , balancing on one foot on each front wheel in turn, to reach the NV200 windscreen, my good friend showed up to show me his Mazda MX5 . A Mk III with 2.0 litre engine, bose sound and electric folding hard top. The colour, misleading called ” copper red” was outstanding ! I would call it metallic maroon or ox blood. A VERY smart looking motor indeed !


This photo of a similar car simply does not do it justice.

As you probably know already, the new Fiat 124 Spider is based on the new Mk IV MX5. I have to say that my mate’s timing was immaculate (like his 20 odd thousand mile car !) A quick spin along the lanes confirmed a swift, lovely handling sportscar.The electric hard top alone would swing it for me but many purists still want a soft top, I am told.  No wonder it’s the best selling 2 seater sports.Not sure that I could ever justify spending sooooooo much more money to own a brand new Fiat Spider. Even to try to bring back the experience of our little Fiat X19 that we strove so hard to buy way back when. Food for thought.The Fiat does not come in metallic green. It is a colour that we have had on 3 of our previous cars. A delighful dilemma for another time I think.It’ s so nice just looking.



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