Drove my Chevy to the Levy. Capesthorne Hall.

28 Aug

capesthorne 2
The promised post on previous motor caravans is held in abeyance until my “chief clerical officer” can tell me where exactly she moved all the old brochures to when she reorganiised the loft bedroom. Oh Hum ! But instead is a bit about Capesthorne Hall Classic Car show today. First thing to catch my eye was this beautiful step side Chevy pickup truck. I want to drive one all the way along Route 66, preferably with retrofitted air con.
capesthorne 1
Then we spotted another, most unusual pickup. It looked as if it was designed with influences from UFO sightings or Area 51 reports:
capesthorne 3
capesthorne 4
We saw loads of cars which pretty ordinary in the 1960s. They were mostly all pretty rusty back then when I was a kid. Neglected, but only 5 to 10 years old. MOTs only came in during 1960 and maintenance was hit and miss. Those at Capesthorne were a tribute to OCD sufferers and Waxoyl.We spotted one more American car which I liked. It remnded me of 1960s Comic books which we would buy from the local market.
capesthorne hotrodcapesthorne archie surfing
You could almost hear the mutterings from the purists. ” Fancy butchering a fine American classic to produce that monstrosity!” But to me it was a Classic in it’s own right:
capesthorne 8
I really wanted a Hot Rod when I was 10 yo. Comic Books also sparked an interest in surfing but the cold waters of Cornwall and sand rash put me off that at 14 yo. My favourite car of the event was a Sunbeam.
capesthorne 7
capesthorne 5
Just look at this interior!
capesthorne 6
Spotted what I thought was a Ferrari 250 but I think it may have been a partially re-bodied BMW Z3. But the interior did not confirm this? Perhaps someone had spent more on a “new” dashboard and retro seats than on the kit from Tribute Automotive. Here is an example. Quite like these………
capesthorne 250 2
capesthorne 250 a
Body kit bolts and bonds on and costs from around £5,000 plus a donor Z3. A very different sports car for less than the price of a good Mazda MX5???? Ticks all my boxes.


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