Contacted by two old friends. A quick post today.

25 Aug



We sold our previous caravan to a nice couple who live on the edge of our village. Yesterday, whilst logging before Autumn sets in ( oh no, I mentioned the “A” word!) I had a call from Phil who was puzzled by the Raclet awning that we sold with the Microlite. I popped round and between us , my memory slowly clicked into life and we sorted it out. A French awning, we imported from Holland with no English instructions apart from the ones I wrote. (That makes me think of Eric and Ernie: ” Here is a song wot I wrote…”). Thats one old friend getting in contact. Then Martin from Scotland e-mailed with another set of interesting photos and a reminder to post some scans of old brochures of family motorhomes and campervans along with a surprising collection of classic campervans found by him on just one Scottish campsite!. Watch this space. I shall make time from “gathering winter fuel, Wenceslas style” and put together a photo post especially for the nostalgic amongst us.
Martin has been a generous contributor to the Blog since we met at Drivelodge. You would be forgiven if you mistook us for brothers if you saw us. He the Scot with an English name and I, the Englander with a Scottish name.

photo 2
Close up Martin and I both look like this:


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