An average of 4 nights “camping”

18 Aug

night campervan
Found the lovely image above on YouTube. It is the essence of overnighting by campervan.
Apparently the popularity of motor caravans has increased massively recently with some sources quoting all sales up by 22% or more. Camping (and caravanning) generally is also on the increase across the board. Lots of statistics can be found here

The average duration of a “camping” break is just over 4 nights. For us, that appears just about correct. We are lucky with our location, being just a couple of hours drive to North Wales for example. We can be on the South Coast of England in about 5 hours. We can make the borders of Scotland in similar time and Cornwall just about falls within that timescale. So, it’s feasible to enjoy a 4 night’s break, just about anywhere in the core of the UK.
Carrying equipment and food etc for 4 nights is possible in a compact camper van such as ours. Dried milk is useful. A bag of organic jumbo porridge oats goes a long way for breakfasts. Tea bags are extremely light. In warm weather, four changes of clothing is easily managed for two people if you use a decent bag for storage but even in cold and wet weather, a jumper and “cagoule” can be crammed in. We positively focus on buying local food wherever we are. It helps village shops near the campsites. One great space saver is a bottle of whisky rather than bottled beer. That’s my excuse anyway! Really ready for a relaxing break right now.Let’s see…..
kampa awning 2


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