Flash Floods and a political (common sense) comment

29 Jul

RV flash flood calif

In the mid to late 1980s we were fortunate enough to buy a Minnie Winnie. An American, 24ft, 6 berth Winnebago RV. It was truly wonderful and almost as much fun as our current campervan, especially with all the family on board.
In the handbook was a warning NOT to camp on, or adjacent to, dried up riverbeds. At first, I found this to most unusual but as I have slowly meandered through life, I realise why this warning was made. This sad photo above is from Russian River, California.In a more recent Flash Flood, over 20 campers lost their lives.
We once camped up in the “Bago” alongside the River Rhine , not far from Rudesheim. Despite the flooding of the River, which was alarming to see and causing me to park the Motorhome , ready to roll, should the waters rise even further, we were loadly berated by a drunken German giant for taking water from a drinking water tap on the outside wall of the local public conveniences!
back in England, in the year 1607, something really strange occurred
somerset flood 1607somerset flood notice
It is thought that a Tsunami ,or tidal surge,hit the Bristol Channel.

Somerset in the West country was flooded all the way to Glastonbury Tor (to a depth of 5ft there) and many people and animals lost their lives. Villages were decimated and local churches eventually erected plaques to record the wrath of God.
Sorry to get political, but Hinkley Point, the site of one ageing Nuclear Powerstation and a proposed new one is right in line, should the freak weather conditions like those seen in 1607 should ever re-occur. What are the chances? Whether or not it was a tsunami or freak tide and weather combination, it makes for a Fukushima Style disaster in waiting. see http://www.greenpeace.org.uk/document/hinkley-point-%E2%80%98c%E2%80%99-flood-risk-assessment
Can we really risk one of these:
Fukushima , Japan flood damage.  That would screw up any run to the sun to the West Country!


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