Wow! Ryan and Mel’s NV200 Tekna is finished!

14 Jul

I have to ask the question: can Nissan see into the future? Their current strapline, “Innovation that Excites” certainly equates with the finished NV200 campervan, self built by Ryan and Mel. You will have caught glimpses of this, fixed “non pop top” project here on my Blog before but nothing really prepares you for the actual finished product. It really is that intriguing.

I got the word from Ryan late yesterday evening that it is viewable now on YouTube. I abandoned watching TV and had a look.
The video gives a comprehensive tour of the campervan, it’s systems and features. To do it justice you must watch the full 24 minutes or so to take it all in! Then watch again to pick up anything that you missed first time around.
I thnk that the video will provide massive inspiration to many would be NV200 converts. It is a visual reference document with creativity in abundance. Watch it here:

This comes following Michael Stanton’s fine work with his NV200 (scroll down below).

We are getting some great results emerging! Thanks to all for conrtributing.


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