A quick look back between trips

10 Jul

army tent
My first experience of camping was on Anglesey. Aged about 4, it was a massive adventure. We drove all the way up the A5 from Llangollen at a very slow speed in our Ford Prefect. My dear old dad had borrowed or hired an ex Army tent something like the one shown above.He approached a farmer near to Red Wharf bay and put the tent up alongside some outbuildings. Across the lane, a very old caravan housed two young women (to me !) and their mother, I believe.The tent was very cold and draughty due to the walls not quite reaching the ground. A breakfast of bacon and eggs cooked on meths stoves made up for this and we were soon on the beach. I remember mum getting angry with dad for swimming with the two young ladies. He was a well built man and rather proud of his pecks and biceps ! Later that second day we moved to a local hotel in Red Wharf bay.

Looking back on the NV200 here are a few comments. 1. We never did fit a cruise control. The expense did not justify it. 2. Although we have achieved a genuine 60mpg plus several times, we now average around the 46 mpg mark. Mainly due to quicker driving and heavier day to day equipment carried. 3. When towing the Elddis caravan we achieve less than 30 mpg. 4. We have only had to replace one rear brake cylinder which is the total repairs needed from new. Not bad in almost 40,000 miles from new? 5. Tyre wear has been heavy in my opinion for such slow driving style generally. (more detail later). This is my main criticism of the NV200. 6. Drivelodge made this conversion and did a fine job. Only a couple of poorly fitted press studs for the cab curtain have emerged in all this time.I have to say a big thank you and “well done” to them. 7. We did fit a pullout (not windout) awning to the campervan recently and I hope it will prove it’s worth soon when we have a picnic for four once again. It should have been fitted from new but poor availability at that time ruled it out.


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