An attempt to help calm some post Referendum concerns.

25 Jun

On this Blog, if you have read it all, you will have read about many people’s dreams, which they have turned into reality. Building their own version of a “perfect” campervan. Their websites each tell an individual story of winning over adversity and overcoming obstacles but also compromising some things in order to achieve an overall winning solution.
Again, this morning, I have listened to quite shocking bias against the Democratic Majority on the BBC Breakfast TV.
To perhaps put into words , how I certainly feel about the result why not take a look at some scribings from Lord Digby Jones? If you can stomach more politics , I think it’s worth a look see

Most older people have experienced for themselves, what damaging effects result from loss of democracy. I certainly have.Ask my friends. BUT you have to bounce back. Seek out those coming opportunities. Grasp them , embrace the challenge and put this 4 decades of experimental political empire building (for the few) behind you. A new World lays in front of you. We could not predict the future before the vote, we cannot predict it now. Dust yourself off , expect a short term rough ride, but get on with the joy of life. 

Postscipt   I am of the opinion that the EU was crumbling anyway. I felt that it could not be changed from within (it had become a self serving gravy train).I have heard first hand of a local British Lorry driver being surrounded at Calais by French lorry drivers, wanting to shake his hand and congratulate him on the referendum result! They were telling him that France should be next. We are not alone in Europe. We are NOT all right wing nutters.


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